All systems are operational

Past Incidents

Wednesday 24th June 2020

Amazon / Megaport Connectivity Sydney

Some traffic to Amazon/Megaport peers being dropped.

  • We believe this issue should be fixed. Incident existed for a window between 05:00 and 06:35 AEST.

    A router route table was flushed as it got itself into an inconsistent state due to maintenance from an upstream.

  • Sunday 21st June 2020

    Fremont Network [US] Fremont Network outage - Hurricane Electric DC1

    Network Loss to Fremont network in Hurricane Electrics datacenter. All traffic outside of this DC is routing around it, but traffic in/out is affected.

  • Issue appears to have been power related and seems to have restarted many things in this DC - not just our equipment.

    All services are now back up and all monitors have cleared. If you have any problems let us know via ticket

  • Wednesday 3rd June 2020

    US East Network (New York) [NEW YORK] Network Unreachable

    We are investigating network being unreachable from several locations. At this stage we believe an upstream vendor is having some problems.

  • We have seen services return to normal. Issue was a network outage, we are awaiting relevant information as to the cause.

  • We can confirm the network provider's own services are all offline at this stage so we are confident it doesn't just affect us.

  • Sunday 31st May 2020

    Gemnet Network [MONGOLIA] International and some domestic connectivity issues

    We have seen intermittent and ongoing packetloss to various networks inside and outside of Mongolia. We believe his will be related to a national network carrier

  • Services look stable at this time. We are watching things closely

  • Monday 11th May 2020

    MNDC1 Network [MONGOLIA] MNDC1 offline

    We can see all network traffic in/out of MNDC is offline. We have seen this before and would expect MNDC will investigate and repair shortly

  • Issue appears power related. All services are now back up.

  • Datacenter knows about the issue and is still investigating

  • Thursday 16th April 2020

    Perth Network Perth Router2 Replacement

    Router2 will be swapped out at 11pm AEST as part of planned maintenance. No impact on services is expected

    Wednesday 1st April 2020

    MNDC1 Network [MONGOLIA] mndc datacenter network connectivity issue

    [MONGOLIA] mndc datacenter network connectivity issue