All systems are operational

Past Incidents

Tuesday 24th October 2023

UK Servers [UK] London POP suite 2 offline for emergency room migration

Due to an emergency cooling issue, some servers are being moved between rooms. We expect this to resolve ongoing issues there shortly

  • Services have now all returned at this site.

  • Wednesday 27th September 2023

    MNDC1 Network [MN] MNDC Network offline

    We can see that the Mongolia MNDC network uplink is offline. This is affecting more than just our services at that datacenter.

    Will advise once we have any information

  • It appears to be a network issue with the upstream network provider there. We can see services returning now

  • Monday 18th September 2023

    Sydney Network [DNSSEC .au] .au zone appears to have a DNSSEC expiry issue at the moment

    It appears .au zone has DNSSEC issues which is causing domains to be unresolvable by many resolvers. The .au DNS zone is not controlled by us unfortunately so we are not able to fix this.

    RRSIG alg 8, id 62233: The Signature Expiration field of the RRSIG RR (2023-09-18 00:05:29+00:00) is 17 minutes in the past.

    We have made our resolvers ignore the DNSSEC for .au domains temporarily while the issue is ongoing to alleviate the issue as much as possible.

  • It appears that the body operating the .au DNS space fixed the issue approximately 50 minutes after the issue started. We have re-enabled our resolvers to validate DNSSEC enabled domains now.

  • Thursday 7th September 2023

    Area31 Network Loss of public network

    We are currently investigating a network outage at this location

  • Network is now back to operational. We will analyze what happened with the upstream to determine how to prevent it in future.

  • Upstream network carrier is aware and looking into it

  • Wednesday 12th April 2023

    Bishkek Network [KG] Internet connecitivty issues

    We are seeing significant network Interruptions into and out of Kyrgyzstan for several providers which is also affecting our POP there. We are looking into it.

  • Issue was fixed earlier and appears stable. Was related to an equipment failure in a major upstream Kazakhstan Telco that affected several Telcos in Kyrgyzstan.

  • Sunday 12th March 2023

    Melbourne Network [AU] VOC530 Site

    Site appears to have significant network issues, we are currently investigating

  • Dual power is restored since a few hours ago. Services look to be remaining online.

    A fault component in power equipment has been blamed for one of the feeds failing. We will send out information to affected customers once we have more information about how both feeds went down

  • We still have some customers offline at this site, and are continuing to work with them around their equipment.

    We have one feed up, but second feed is still down. We have seen the first feed also go down after it came back up, so we have no clearage for this issue yet

  • It appears there was a power outage at this site resulting in everything going offline. We are bringing services back up now.

  • Sunday 29th January 2023

    Sydney Network [SYDNEY] Some Sydney anycast traffic may be redirected to Melbourne

    Our Sydney Vocus links have been dropped while we perform some work with Vocus. Any traffic single-homed to Sydney will flow via other paths. If you're anycasting traffic from Sydney and other cities in Australia, you may find that ~30% of your Sydney traffic (anything connected via Vocus) may go to Vocus links in alternate cities (likely Melbourne if you're announcing there).

    We will let you know once the Vocus links have returned in Sydney (may be be a day or two)

  • Vocus connectivity in Sydney has been restored, anycast routes should now be balanced across Australia again.

  • Sunday 25th December 2022

    New Zealand Network [NZ] Network offline

    We are currently looking into services being offline in our NZ POP.

  • Load Balancer Service was restored about an hour ago and has remained stable

  • At this stage this incident is primarily affecting the load balancer service in this location. Customers are advised to switch their dns to use redundant services as advised by tickets