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Past Incidents

Wednesday 12th April 2023

Bishkek Network [KG] Internet connecitivty issues

We are seeing significant network Interruptions into and out of Kyrgyzstan for several providers which is also affecting our POP there. We are looking into it.

  • Issue was fixed earlier and appears stable. Was related to an equipment failure in a major upstream Kazakhstan Telco that affected several Telcos in Kyrgyzstan.

  • Sunday 12th March 2023

    Melbourne Network [AU] VOC530 Site

    Site appears to have significant network issues, we are currently investigating

  • Dual power is restored since a few hours ago. Services look to be remaining online.

    A fault component in power equipment has been blamed for one of the feeds failing. We will send out information to affected customers once we have more information about how both feeds went down

  • We still have some customers offline at this site, and are continuing to work with them around their equipment.

    We have one feed up, but second feed is still down. We have seen the first feed also go down after it came back up, so we have no clearage for this issue yet

  • It appears there was a power outage at this site resulting in everything going offline. We are bringing services back up now.

  • Sunday 29th January 2023

    Sydney Network [SYDNEY] Some Sydney anycast traffic may be redirected to Melbourne

    Our Sydney Vocus links have been dropped while we perform some work with Vocus. Any traffic single-homed to Sydney will flow via other paths. If you're anycasting traffic from Sydney and other cities in Australia, you may find that ~30% of your Sydney traffic (anything connected via Vocus) may go to Vocus links in alternate cities (likely Melbourne if you're announcing there).

    We will let you know once the Vocus links have returned in Sydney (may be be a day or two)

  • Vocus connectivity in Sydney has been restored, anycast routes should now be balanced across Australia again.

  • Sunday 25th December 2022

    New Zealand Network [NZ] Network offline

    We are currently looking into services being offline in our NZ POP.

  • Load Balancer Service was restored about an hour ago and has remained stable

  • At this stage this incident is primarily affecting the load balancer service in this location. Customers are advised to switch their dns to use redundant services as advised by tickets

  • Sunday 13th November 2022

    New Zealand Network [NZ] Network unreachable for some networks outside of nz

    Network issue is being investigated

  • Network is now fully back. Awaiting update from carroer as to the cause

  • Upstream carrier kmows about issue and is investigating

  • Wednesday 5th October 2022

    Sydney Network [AU-SYDNEY] resolver stopped responding in GlobalSwitch GS1

    One of the anycasted DNS resolvers in Sydney Globalswitch gradually stopped responding around 15:10pm Sydney time. Approximately 25% of requests were not being serviced. Customers with both resolvers configured would have noticed delays for some DNS queries.

    The issue was fixed around 16:00pm Sydney time.

    We are not sure of the cause at this time, other than it would be related to a resolver software bug. We will investigate further and tweak our monitoring to pick up on this particular type of non-responsive situation

  • Services appear to be stable since last update, closing this issue off

  • Thursday 4th August 2022

    Sydney Network [AU-SYDNEY-EQUINIX] Network connectivity issues

    Some network loss to some international carriers was lost between 02:04 - 02:15 UTC specifically in our Equinix Sydney site which has different carriers to our other Sydney sites. We have disabled the affected upstream which restored connectivity to these carriers and will continue to monitor the situation.

  • Service appears stable again, closing issue