All systems are operational

Past Incidents

Tuesday 29th March 2022

Sydney Network [SYDNEY] Telstra Connectivity Sydney

At 1:01AM, our systems detected traffic between our network and Telstra stopped working immediately at one of our upstream networks. We manually dropped our IPTransit upstream to Telstra at 1:04AM and are investigating the cause.

Sunday 30th January 2022

MNDC1 Network [MONGOLIA] NDC Network offline

Our network appears offline at this location. Our techs are investigating.

  • Network appears to have returned. We believe this affected more than us, and likely related to an upstream network.

    We are continuing to watch things at this location.

  • Thursday 13th January 2022

    MNDC1 Network [MONGOLIA] MNDC Network Problems

    We are aware of a network issue at this datacenter, we are investigating now

  • Marking the issue as resolved

  • Services have just come back up, we will monitor the situation

  • We do not have any ETA for service restoration at this time. We will await updates from MNDC team

  • It appears the entire datacenter network is offline (not just us). We will post further information as it becomes available.

  • Saturday 1st January 2022

    RackCorp Email [GLOBAL] Exchange Delivery Delays

    Due to a bug in Microsoft Exchange, some delays were experienced earlier in the day today. All emails should now be delivered. If you have any continued problems, please let us know.

  • Flagging services as back to normal

  • Tuesday 26th October 2021

    US East Network (New York) [USA] New York - Network loss

    An upstream network carrier at this datacenter is undertaking emergency maintenance. We expect services to be back to normal in the next 15 minutes.

  • Services have now returned

  • Wednesday 13th October 2021

    US East Network (New York) [USA] New York Packetloss

    We are aware of particular ports being blocked by a large upstream carrier for inbound traffic. We suspect it is ddos related, but are looking into it.

  • We are now routing around the affected vendor. It appears they may have some ddos issues theyre working through for another client

  • Thursday 19th August 2021

    Sydney Network [AU-SYDNEY] Intermittent network loss

    We're aware of the cause of the intermittent network loss, and have placed a fix in place to prevent it. We are observing the issue now.

  • Services have been solid since last update. Replacement network switch has since been installed and allnof the network ports patched. Our Sydney Globalswitch core ring is restored.

  • A failing network switch failed in a way that caused intermittent topology changes to our sydney network ring.

    We have removed the device now entirely and are testing customer services

  • Sunday 18th July 2021

    Frankfurt Network [GERMANY] Network Issues

    Network Outage has been detected at our Germany FRA8 site, we are investigating if this is power related or network related

  • We believe an upstream network provider experienced some kind of network outage, possibly related to a large ddos attack