All systems are operational

Past Incidents

Monday 28th December 2020

Thailand Network [TH] Network Routing Offline

Network is unreachable both domestically and internationally. We are working with an upstream carrier to determine the cause

  • Services appear restored and related to connectivity between datacenters in Thailand. We are still awaiting a full report as to what happened.

  • Monday 7th December 2020

    [USA] NewYork Datacenter powerloss

    Power has returned but there's some network issues that we are still investigating

  • Upstream network is now restored and routes are flowing via normal methods again.

  • Power was lost again, but has been restored permanently this time.

    We are still working with the network upstream to get access. In the meantime traffic is being diverted via australia or UK over private links

  • Upstream BGP services are offline causing blackholing of our outbound traffic due to RPF policies in place at the upstream. We've redirected traffic via private link back to Australia just to give access to services albeit with higher latency.

    We've raised the issue with the upstream and hope to have it resolves soon.

  • Thursday 29th October 2020

    Sydney Network [SYDNEY] Emergency Switch Replacement [au-nsw-gbl1-l6-rm2-r1-sw2]

    An internal fan has failed on top-of-rack switch [au-nsw-gbl1-l6-rm2-r1-sw2] causing some overheat warnings for the past 90 minutes. No noticeable network issues are occurring however we will perform an emergency replacement of the whole switch at 2am AEST to avoid potential issues tomorrow during peak periods.

    Customers connected to this device should expect approximately 30 seconds of downtime on the secondary LAN port for their equipment (this may show up as primary depending on your equipment). We believe all customers in this rack are configured in a bonded configuration, so we expect this process should be transparent without significant outages for anybody affected.

  • Switch has been entirely swapped out. all services should be running as normal.

  • Network Switch to be replaced at 02:00 AEST

  • Saturday 17th October 2020

    MNDC1 Network [MONGOLIA] ndc1 network outage

    We are investigating a network outage at the Mongolia ndc1 site

  • Network appears to be back again. We will continue to watch it.